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At the regional level, requests for subsidies and grants must be made before the work begins: 60 days prior for home renovations and 85 days prior for embellishments to the facade. These two types of grants are subject to on-site inspection by a licensed architect appointed by the region. This architect will verify that the dossier corresponds to the proposed works and that the work has not yet begun or been completed. These two grants reward people who bring the property in question up to standard, not only from an energy standpoint but also structurally and esthetically. Preserving the building is key.

Other regional grants, distributed by Bruxelles Environnement, are solely based on the efforts to minimize a building’s energy consumption once it has been renovated. The property’s envelope (roof, walls, floor, and windows) is the primary focus along with its ventilation and heating system. All the grants from Bruxelles Environnement may be requested once the work is completed and paid for.

11 of the 19 Brussels communes supplement the regional grants and those from Brussels Environment with various grants that can be brought in after the work is completed and sometimes after the confirmation of a subsidy from Bruxelles Environnement.