Subsidies and grants for your company

Subsidy applications vary according to your company's type. Not all of them are applicable to the same areas of activity, and they must be addressed to different administrations.

Real estate company

You are entitled to energy allowances and subsidies. These reward all kinds of energy improvement investments you implement during your works, and need to be requested after their completion.

Starter company

According to the legal status, a Starter company is less than 4-years old has opened a new business location in the past 4 years.

You are entitled to subsidies which allow you to reduce your net contribution to the project. All requests for subsidies and allowances must be submitted before the investment begins and are liquidated once the investment is completed. In special cases, a request for an advance can be made during the project, mainly for research and development projects.

Existing Company

You would like to invest in your production tools or reduce your energy bill? Additional subsidies are available! These depend on the number of employees you hire and any other allowances you already received.