Extra services

All our services are designed to cover exactly any of your needs and are combined to the building up of your allowance case in the most efficient way.

We want to ease the management of your company so that you can fully concentrate on what counts: the success of your business!

The whole of the following business services can be offered on bundle price basis or monthly basis, depending on the contract established between us.

Real estate company

If you are a property managing company or real estate company, we can also help you to:

  • get your PEB (building energy performance) certificate;
  • obtain electrical certificates;
  • carry out a boiler check for the certificate of compliance;
  • establish a CERGA (risk assessment) certificate;
  • rent or sell your property.

New business

If you want to start a business in Belgium, we offer two formulas:

  1. If you are established in Belgium: the "Pack BE" offers the full administration of your status change from an individual to a legal entity with our Business Bank Steering Service (GEV), which will make all the necessary applications, without you having to attend.
  2. If you are established abroad: the "Pack EC" allows to establish a company on your name in Belgium. We take care of preparing the financial plan and carry out all the administrative formalities required for the establishment of a new company in Belgium.

Business management

You would like to focus on creating value for your company but you don't have anyone to do your administrative tasks? Our "manager" packages might be helpful:

  • Bronze: Domiciliation of your company and administration of your correspondence.
  • Silver: In addition to the "Bronze" pack, we incorporate a "Micro-Consulting" service and provide you with advice in order to improve and optimize the management of your business on monthly basis.
  • Gold: we manage the complete administrative management of your company, including expert tax advice and the negotiation of all your current contracts. We can also add project management of business improvement projects, such as the digitalization of your management, continuous negotiation of your contracts or help with hiring.